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While we are awake, actually we are in a dream, I mean your parents are in your dream, they are not real, walls are in your dream, ground, sun, trees and all things that you see in this world are just part of your dream and does not exists. My mind built this world, so I can change it if I could control my mind, I can fly, walk through walls, and even transform a chair to a refrigerator.  

I think we are slept, and this world is in our dream. A dream with senses. A dream that we can change it if we want. and we will be awake when we are sleeping. It may happened for you that you see a scene that you had saw before when you were slept. Sleep is very similar to death, so when we die, actually we goes awake for ever. We can see true world and can be alive forever.

Imagine a world that we slept beside of each others, and all of us looks are death. A world that some of us will be awake after a while and will see that others are just slept.   So please be happy in your dream, change it, you can control your mind if you want. Do it.